It is rumored that Oracle also wants to buy TikTok


It was stated that another company took action to buy TikTok’s US operations. According to a report in the Financial Times, Oracle, the world’s second largest software company, took action to acquire TikTok’s operations in the USA. It is stated that the software giant is in a preliminary meeting.

The US government has been hostile to anything based in China for some time. US President Donald Trump, who targeted technology manufacturer Huawei last year, recently declared war on TikTok, which has recently become a social media giant. In fact, Trump, who carries this situation to the extreme, states that TikTok should be purchased, and if this does not happen, the application will be banned in the US borders.

After the statements made by Donald Trump, we conveyed to you that the technology giant Microsoft took action to buy TikTok’s operations in the USA. However, there has been no progress on this issue, at least on the Microsoft front, but it seems that Microsoft is not the only institution that aspires to TikTok. Oracle has also taken action to acquire TikTok, according to the Financial Times.

According to a report by the Financial Times on the subject, Oracle is in preliminary negotiations to acquire TikTok’s operations in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The company even met with some US investors who own shares in ByteDance to show its commitment to the acquisition. The coming days will show in which direction the event will evolve.

Microsoft was considering purchasing only TikTok’s operations in the US while taking action on the issue. However, this thought changed afterwards. Desiring to have a larger share of the cake, Microsoft decided to acquire TikTok’s operations in India and Europe as well as the US, and expanded the scope of the talks. Now, another software giant, Oracle, seems to want to take a similar step and gain rights over TikTok.

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Donald Trump gave him a certain amount of time in the last step he took with TikTok. This 90-day period will determine the fate of TikTok. Because if Microsoft, Oracle or another US-based company succeeds in purchasing TikTok, users will continue to use this application. Otherwise, TikTok will appear as a prohibited application within the USA.

Oracle, the world’s second largest software company, has not made any statements regarding its attempt to acquire TikTok operations. As we have just mentioned, Microsoft is currently silent about this issue. When we look at the Donald Trump front, we see that the president is determined. Time will tell how this issue will end.


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