It is reported that Tom Brady is still plagued by personal problems


Tom Brady seems to be going through this right now.

At yesterday’s press conference, the seven-time Super Bowl champion briefly spoke about his 11-day absence from the team. But whatever TB12 is doing, one Bucs reporter thinks it’s “unresolved.”

“The reason why Tom Brady had to leave is still unknown, but it doesn’t seem to be solved,” Rick Stroud wrote. “It was clear in his thoughtful address after the game. He is still tormented by something unrelated to football.”

Brady didn’t say much about why he had to leave. Appeal to media representatives:

It’s all personal. Everyone has different situations they deal with. We all have really unique challenges in our lives. I’m 45 years old, man. There’s a lot of [expletives] going on. You just need to try to understand life as best you can. This is an ongoing process.

Still, Brady says he’s “feeling good” and “ready to go” this season.


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