It is reported that there will be no Tom Holland in the MCU animated series “Spider-Man”


It is reported that Tom Holland will not voice Peter Parker in the Marvel Studios animated show “Spider-Man: The Year of the Freshman” for Disney+. Marvel Studios has been working with Sony for the past few years to add Spider-Man to the Marvel cinematic universe. “Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home” marked the end of the first trilogy starring Peter Parker as Tom Holland, but it won’t be the last piece of MCU content related to Spider-Man. It is reported that Sony and Disney are already working on another Spider-Man trilogy, and this is just the beginning of their plans.

It is confirmed that the future of Spider-Man in the MCU includes a major role in the animated series “Spider-Man: The Year of the Freshman.” The show was announced at the end of 2021 by Marvel Studios and confirmed to be a prequel to the universe version of Tom Holland’s web Slinger. As the name suggests, the action of Spider-Man: The Year of the Freshman takes place during Peter Parker’s first year of high school, when his origin story takes place. The show is expected to reveal basic information about the MCU Spider-Man, but the question remains as to whether Tom Holland will participate.

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According to a new report by The Illuminerdi, Tom Holland will not be returning in Spider-Man: The Year of the Freshman. The website reports that he will not be voicing the young Peter Parker in the MCU animated show. There is no information yet about who will voice Spider-Man instead. It’s also unclear if Tom Holland refused to return for a voice-only role or if he wasn’t asked. Screen Rant has reached out to Marvel for comment on Tom Holland’s reported lack of participation in Spider-Man: The Year of the Freshman.

Tom Holland has played Spider-Man in six MCU films so far, but he has yet to play Peter Parker on the small screen. When the web had a role in the Marvel movie “What If…” In the first season, Hudson Thames replaced Tom Holland with the voice of Spider-Man, but viewers hoped that “The Year of the Freshman” could include Holland. If Tom Holland does not voice Peter Parker in Spider-Man: The Year of the Freshman, it is quite possible that Hudson Thames will voice the voice again. Marvel Studios may also find a younger voice actor to play a teenage Spider-Man.

It will be interesting to see the reception for the movie “Spider-Man: The Year of the Freshman” when it is released, if Tom Holland does not participate. The show’s status as canonical within the MCU’s core continuity may leave some viewers disappointed that Holland’s voice is not being heard. Since Spider-Man “What If…?” was from another universe, Holland joined Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and others, allowing them to recast their Marvel roles for voice acting. The potential absence of Tom Holland will be even more noticeable in Spider-Man: The Year of the Freshman with his starring role, as well as if Marissa Tomei, Jacob Batalon, Zendaya and others return to their roles.