It is reported that the WAC is making radical changes to conference basketball tournaments


It is reported that the Western Athletic Conference is making major changes to the tournaments of the men’s and women’s basketball conferences.

The change will really be felt in terms of how the conference will seed its best teams. The standings will be determined not only by wins and losses in conferences.

According to Matt Norlander of CBS Sports, seeding will also be determined by an algorithm that rewards teams based on their results against each team during the season.

For example, a team may finish with the best result in the conference during the season, but at the beginning of the tournament it may be seeded fourth or fifth.

On the other hand, the team with the ninth or tenth best result of the conference can get into the top five.

“The goal is to ultimately protect the highest resume with the highest results,” WAC Commissioner Brian Thornton told Norlander. “As we developed this strategic plan from a basketball perspective — which was one of my main tasks when I came here — there was always a schedule outside of conferences… and eventually it becomes very difficult to punish people for what you do.” able to do this in terms of a schedule unrelated to conferences.”

If this works, other conferences may do the same in the future.