It is reported that the start of filming of the MCU Blade Reboot has been postponed for 3 months


It is reported that the start date of filming the reboot of “Blade” in the MCU has been postponed for three months. Wesley Snipes, as you know, first brought to the screen a gloomy antihero from Marvel comics Blade in 1998. But when the vampire hunter finally appears in the MCU, the character will be played by Oscar-winning Mahershala Ali instead of Snipes.

The original Blade movie, of course, appeared years before Marvel movies took over the world. But when Blade returns, there’s a good chance the main character won’t have his full R-rated comic advantage, given the MCU’s family tone. Details about this reboot of the Blade, of course, are kept secret, but fans first felt the Blade from the MCU thanks to Ali’s episodic appearance in “Eternal” in 2021. In addition to Ali, “Blade” will feature the acting talents of Delroy Lindo and Aaron Pierre in as-yet undisclosed roles, and Bassam Tariq will take over as director.

Unfortunately, it seems that Ali, his partners in the film and the director will not be able to start work on “Blade” as soon as hoped. In the initial reports, Blade appeared in front of the cameras back in July 2022, but now Production Weekly (via CBR) has reported that filming will not actually begin until October. The reason for the decision to postpone the launch of Blade for three months is unknown.

Of course, shooting schedules for major films are always changeable, and nothing can be fixed until the cameras start working. Now the question is how the three-month delay of “Blade” can affect the final release date of the film. Currently, there are three MCU films planned for 2023 (all of them are sequels). The release date of “Blade” in July 2022 could put the film in line to become the fourth MCU release of 2023 and the only non—sequel, but now that filming has been postponed to October, it seems that 2024 is a more likely place for “Blade”. .

The news that the Blade’s launch date is being postponed for several months undoubtedly disappoints fans who have been waiting for the Diary’s debut in the MCU for a long time. But, of course, at one point it seemed unlikely that Blade would ever join the MCU, so perhaps in light of this, having to wait a bit for the movie to be released doesn’t seem like such a big deal. Of course, it remains to be seen which Blade will be offered when the character first appears in the MCU. Given Marvel’s history so far, it seems likely that some of Blade’s darkness will be removed to make it more compatible with the MCU as a whole. But then again, maybe the MCU is finally ready to embrace its dark side. Fans will start to get some idea of what Blade will look like after the movie finally starts shooting—a little later than expected.