It is reported that the sequel Inside Out is in development


Disney and Pixar have been going hand in hand for a long time when it comes to animation quality. Apart from a few missteps, some minor ones, a few light years in development. That’s why when one of their projects becomes a hit, they tend to look for opportunities to expand its world, as they do with the as-yet-unnamed sequel to “Puzzle.”

Fans may not feel a sense of joy when they learn that in the sequel to the 2015 Pixar hit, which @PuckNews announced on Twitter before the D23 exhibition, there will be no return of Bill Hader (Barry) as Fear or Mindy. Kaling (Mindy’s Project) as Disgust.

Pixar started as an offshoot of Industrial Light and Magic, better known as ILM, a major Hollywood effects studio founded by George Lucas so he could add effects to his original Star Wars films. After working on the feature film “Young Sherlock Holmes”, before starting to create their own award-winning short films, they were taken over by Apple, and then finally bought by Disney, no one knew how big they would be, and that the entire animation industry would be reformed after them. But given the fact that Pixar’s fortunes have been changing lately, it’s not surprising that they turn to some old wells to expand the worlds they created, and “Puzzle” is the latest in a long line of projects (Cars, Toy Story, “The Incredibles” and “In Search of Dory among Them”).

There’s no word yet on that story, and whether the second film will even follow the story of Riley or her parents—and with the years between them, the budding teen will now become an adult woman rife with all the emotions that adults experience—but one thing that’s been reported is that at least So far, Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling will not return either in the roles of Fear or Disgust, respectively, the characters they played in the first film. Whether the lack of return is due to the fact that their characters will be replaced by new emotions, or whether the actors are simply too busy with their separate series (“Barry” for Hader and “I’ve never been” for Kaling), no one knows for sure.

With a sequel announced at the upcoming D23, Disney’s own mini version of Comic Con dedicated to the half of the entertainment world they own themselves, they’re about to announce their upcoming list of projects, which includes a second installment of Pixar. the emotional roller coaster of the movie. However, the latest news about the absence of Hader and Kaling, two popular comedy talents, in the sequel “Puzzles” will undoubtedly cause fans anger or sadness, but not much joy.


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