It is reported that the Patriots have finally signed a first-round pick


There aren’t many players left selected in the 2022 NFL Draft who haven’t signed rookie contracts yet. The Patriots have just made sure their top pick is no longer on that list.

According to NFL insider Adam Kaplan, the Patriots have signed number 29 Cole Strange. The terms of the contract have not yet been disclosed.

Strange was without a doubt the most unexpected pick in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Despite being a Chattanooga star, most draft analysts predicted he would be a mid-round draft pick. For some, he was outside the top 100 players.

But if there’s a team that can turn Strange into a star, it’s the Patriots. They know how to turn unknown players into the best strikers of a whole generation.

The New England Patriots didn’t seem to have any obvious weaknesses ahead of 2022, other than some uncertainty about who would be announcing the game this season.

Cole Strange should be able to take the starting quarterback position and thrive among the people around him.

Last year, the Patriots went 10-7 and made the playoffs with rookie quarterback Mack Jones. This year, the team could potentially challenge the Buffalo Bills for the division title.

Will Cole Strange become an important player in the offensive line from day one? Or will he struggle to get under his feet?