It is reported that the NFL is considering the possibility of disqualification of the Saints and Bucks


There’s a chance Mike Evans and Marshawn Lattimore could be disqualified after their altercation on Sunday.

It all started when Lattimore contacted Tom Brady. They exchanged a few words before Leonard Fur No came in.

Both Evans and Lattimore were then eliminated from the game after more pushing and shoving occurred.

According to Mike Florio from ProFootballTalk, the league is going to review the situation in terms of discipline. He may decide to just fine two players, but disqualification may be more tempting, since this is not the first time these two get involved in this.

Lattimore pushed Evans in the back during a game in 2020, and Evans knocked Lattimore’s helmet off in response. As a result, Lattimore was fined $10,500.

Let’s see if both players will gain discipline over the next day or two.


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