It is reported that the 4th season of “Harley Quinn” is already in development


The 3rd season of “Harley Quinn” is currently underway, and the fan reaction seems to be as grateful as it has been throughout the series up to this point. Basically, it was worth the long delay. But considering how long fans had to wait after season 2 to see confirmation that season 3 would be coming, it would be understandable if no one expected to hear about a potential season 4 anytime soon.

Well, they’ll be half right. While it’s true that Harley Quinn hasn’t received an official order for season 4 yet, it looks like the showrunners themselves are planning ahead. Seasoned fans of the show will remember how long it took for more episodes to finally air after the 3rd season of Harley Quinn was finally confirmed almost 2 full years ago. However, it’s hard to deny that Harley Quinn has amassed a devoted fan base over the years, and the assumption that more are coming soon won’t necessarily be wrong.

That’s probably why the people behind the beloved series decided to register the upcoming 4th season of Harley Quinn in the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR), which is a widely used database that major production companies use to record their upcoming shows. films and similar projects. Not only the season itself is registered, but also the names of all 10 possible episodes. This may hint that Harley Quinn’s team is confident that they will be updated after this season, but at least it indicates that there is already a clear plan for how the story should develop.

Anyone who checks the episode titles probably won’t be surprised to assume they’re already familiar with the Harley Quinn brand, clearly not for a family comedy. It includes titles such as “Gotham’s Hottest Beauties,” “Potato Cloning Incident,” and “Chlamydia-Free Business Conference,” among others, in various flavor levels. Naturally, the collection of titles is so eclectic that it will be difficult for anyone to make a prediction from it regarding the storyline of the season, but this just means that it will be a funny surprise.

Starring Kaley Cuoco as the voice of Harley herself, Harley Quinn features a titular villain intent on making a name for himself as a villain after finally breaking up with the Joker (Alan Tudyk) forever. She is assisted by her team, including longtime friend and future love Poison Ivy (Lake Bell), Shark King (Ron Funches) and Clay Face (also Tudyk), as well as a colorful cast of other characters who regularly appear. Among them is a Kite (Matt Oberg), who at first was Ivy’s temporary boyfriend, and now gets his own spin-off on HBO Max.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Harley Quinn. That’s a lot more, and maybe even more in the future, judging by the EIDR database. Again, season 4 hasn’t been officially given the green light yet, but Harley and her team are definitely not the type to go quietly.

Harley Quinn is currently airing on HBO Max, and new episodes will premiere on Thursdays.


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