It is reported that in the movie “Batgirl” there is a reference to the Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer


The recently delayed DC Comics movie “Batgirl” reportedly contains a reference to Michelle Pfeiffer’s “Catwoman.” News about Batgirl has been circulating since Warner Bros. they decided to postpone the film, which, as they said, was almost finished, and $ 90 million had already been invested in production. The unprecedented step looks like a tax write-off, but the creative team was shocked by this decision.

Batgirl was created for the release of HBO Max with directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who previously co-directed “Bad Guys Forever” and episodes of “Miss Marvel”. Leslie Grace plays Barbara Gordon/Batgirl alongside J.K. Simmons, who was returning to the role of Commissioner Gordon after playing the Justice League character for the first time. Brendan Fraser also played Firefly, a villain role that was supposed to be expanded in other projects. The film also featured Michael Keaton as Batman, which DC films worked on, and Keaton also appeared in The Flash. And Batgirl should have made another funny allusion to Keaton’s Batman universe if it had been released.

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In the podcast “The City with Matthew Belloni”, in which the decision to postpone “Batgirl” was discussed in detail, various aspects of the film seen at test screenings became known. During a discussion with Boris Keith from THR, Belloni mentions that Batgirl had a little moment that would show the mask of Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer, which she wore when portraying the character in the 1992 Batman Returns movie. The host quickly explained that Pfeiffer is not in the film, but he was supposed to be an Easter egg for fans. Check out Batgirl’s discussion about Pfeiffer’s Catwoman below:

Matthew Belloni: “They show the mask of catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer, which I think fans will like…”

Boris Kit: “A good Easter egg, yes.”

Belloni: “Yes, a pretty Easter egg. Although Michelle Pfeiffer is not in the film.”

Pfeiffer only portrayed Catwoman once under the direction of Tim Burton. And while there may have been plans to include her in a future movie, very similar to the seemingly grandiose plans with Keaton’s Batman, the state of DC films seems to be restless, they are making big sweeps in an attempt to fix their franchises. Batgirl is shelved, Keaton is cut from Aquaman 2, and The Flash is suffering from public relations issues, and Keaton’s Batman seems to be struggling to get back on screen.

DC movies have endured a long struggle over the past few years, starting with “Batman v Superman” and the nightmarish production of “Justice League.” More recently, they have shuffled the release schedule of films like Shazam! “Rage of the Gods” and “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, as well as solving problems with the public of “Flash” star Ezra Miller. While Warner Bros. reportedly has new plans for DC movies moving forward over the next decade, shelving Batgirl is still considered radical and likely to displease fans, leaving many heroes in constant motion.


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