It is reported that Batgirl received a positive response on her first test viewing


Batgirl may be one of the most beloved heroes in the DC universe, but Batman’s loyal ally is just now getting his first solo movie with live actors. While viewers will still have to wait for Leslie Grace to make her first appearance as Batgirl, a test screening of the film has reportedly taken place recently and the reaction has been supposedly positive, especially regarding Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah from a script written by Christina Hodson, “Batgirl” is surrounded by many mysteries. Because it also starred Keaton as Batman and J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, fans don’t understand where Batgirl fits into the DC universe, given that the first character is from Tim Burton’s Batman universe, and the second was seen in Zack’s Expanded DC Universe. ​​​​Snyder.

However, it looks like fans won’t have to worry too much about continuity issues if the answer to Batgirl’s supposed first test preview is true. According to DC Syndicate, Batman played by Keaton is the “tough guy” in the film, despite the fact that he shares the “don’t kill” rule with Batgirl played by Grace. Although the Black Canary is not in the HBO Max movie, a poster with the character can presumably be seen in the movie, suggesting that Warner Bros. and DC leaves the door open for the existence of other heroes in any universe in which the action of Batgirl will take place. Also missing. Nightwing, but fans of Selina Kyle played by Michelle Pfeiffer will be happy to know that she is supposedly the one who bears the title of Catwoman in the Batgirl universe.

Little has been revealed about the film, but the finale will presumably visually resemble the first Batgirl concept art that was shown at the DC FanDome in 2021, and Barbara Gordon will also receive a second costume. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck’s Batman allegedly claims the “original timeline”, suggesting that the action of Batgirl may take place in an alternate universe separate from the Expanded DC Universe. All these details remain untested, and fans hoping that The Flash movie will clear up some questions about the confusing future of the DC extended universe will have to wait a bit.

Since “The Flash” was originally supposed to be released before “Batgirl,” fans speculated that Barry Allen’s time-traveling antics would explain why there are now two versions of Batman (Affleck and Keaton) or why Simmons’ commissioner Gordon is suddenly working with Keaton “The Caped Crusader.” . However, the COVID-19 pandemic and other difficulties prompted Warner Bros. postpone the “Flash” until the summer of 2023.

Although there is currently no announced release date for Batgirl, the film is expected to appear on HBO Max towards the end of 2022. be pushed back until the end of the Flash. On the other hand, fans are already used to the concept of the multiverse, so perhaps the filmmakers will not have to explain why different characters from different DC universes appear in Batgirl.

Batgirl is expected to be released on HBO Max in late 2022.