It is reported that a former football player from Michigan was killed


Former Michigan football player Richard Jackel has been found dead at the age of 69 in an alleged murder that occurred earlier this month.

Grand Rapids police found Jackel dead in the back seat of a car driven by 26-year-old Devon Matthews when they arrested him on a stalking charge, reports .

Matthews was released on bail on a previous aggravated stalking charge when he received another aggravated stalking complaint on June 6. Police found Matthews outside the home of victims of harassment, armed with a gun.

When the police went to arrest Matthews, they found Jackel dead in the back seat of his car.

Police say the gun that Matthews “threw away” before the arrest matched the bullet wound found in the jackel.

Jekel’s family says the car Matthews was driving belonged to Jekel, who was known to give away free rides around the city.

The Jackel family fears that it was this generosity that could have led to his demise.

“There is no motive,” his daughter Melissa Jekel said on Wednesday, according to “They couldn’t establish any connection between my father and Devon at all… he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was trying to get to his stalking victim.”

Jackel played football for the Wolverines in the 1970s, disguised as legendary college football coach Les Miles, who went to the Rose Bowl. It is reported that Miles was the best man at Jackel’s wedding.

Our thoughts are with the Jackel family at this difficult time.