It is predicted that 8 SEC teams will participate in the NCAA baseball tournament


Last year’s Mississippi State College World Series champion won’t be able to defend his title this year. But one of the eight teams can guarantee that the title will remain the property of the SEC.

The latest predictions for the participants of the NCAA baseball tournament have been published. If you root for the SEC team, the probability that your team will get there is more than 50%.

According to Baseball America, the ranking includes No. 1 in Tennessee, No. 7 in Texas A&M, No. 14 in Florida, No. 16 in Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Vanderbilt and Arkansas. Ole Miss and Kentucky were in the first four, and Alabama was in the next four.

Mississippi State, South Carolina and Mizzou were not mentioned in the forecasts at all. The Bulldogs won the national championship over their rival Vanderbilt last year.

The SEC has quickly become the dominant force in college baseball, especially over the last decade.

Since 2008, at least one SEC team has competed in the College World Series every year except 2016. 15 SEC teams participated in this period, seven of which won.

Six SEC teams have participated in the last four College World Series alone, three of which have won.

If eight SEC teams participate in the NCAA baseball tournament this year, the probability that one of them will become the national champion is 1/8.

Will the SEC team become the 2022 national champion?