It is possible to play PS5 games on your PS4


Sony unveiled a new feature this week that lets you stream content from PS5 to PS4. If you played PlayStation 4 yesterday or today, you may have noticed a window highlighting this feature on the console home!

The Videogamechronicles website has already confirmed the feature’s functionality, highlighting a tweet from its journalist Andy Robinson, who has already tested the new functionality. Here you can see a video of the stream in progress:

Unfortunately, Andy’s tests also made it clear that the content cannot be relayed to PlayStation Vita (which has remote play with PS4), so at most you can play on your PS4 using DualShock 4, which is pretty cool for you only.

To do this, you need to turn on your PS5 and then enable Remote Play in your menu. After that, you need to manually enter the code generated on the PS4, or else let the process run automatically through the Wi-Fi connection.

The most curious thing is that, on PS5, you cannot play Astro’s Playroom with a DualShock 4 but, through Remote Play, this is possible! Another peculiarity is that DualSense cannot be used on PS4, not even via Remote Play, and any attempt to connect it ends the games.

What did you think of this new feature? Are you planning to test it when the PS5 hits Brazilian stores on November 19? Comment below!

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