It is possible to communicate with cats by blinking


Many people try to communicate by blinking slowly at their cats. According to research, this method is really effective in communicating with our lovely friends.

Generally, cats are recognized as autonomous and independent creatures. Cats are indeed quite unruly and unquestionable, especially when compared to dogs, another popular pet.

According to a new study, you may have problems because the way you follow to communicate with cats is wrong from the start. Fortunately, what you have to do is not difficult, you just need to smile more. But through cats …

The unbearable lightness of blinking

When we smile as humans, our lips curl up and often our teeth are visible. Cats smile in a very different way. Our furry friends blink their eyes slowly to smile.

Scientists studying the interactions between cats and humans have found that this behavior actually makes cats approach humans. Moreover, this behavior works not only with domestic cats but also wild cats.

“Cat owners have suspected this for a long time,” said Karen McComb, a psychologist at the University of Sussex, one of the names who conducted the study. “It is very exciting to have found the evidence now.”

Smiling with fluorescent cat eyes

In the first experiment, the researchers gently winked at 21 different cats from 14 different homes. Once the cats got used to the environment, the people were asked to make the cat smile gesture at a distance of one meter from the cats. The cameras recorded both cat and human faces and compared their reactions.

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Then the experiment was repeated under different conditions. As a result, cats are more welcoming towards people who blink slightly. In addition, the blinking motion increases the likelihood of cats getting closer to people. In other words, it may be more effective to extend your hand and blink at the same time you call the cat.

With this study, the role of winking in feline-human interaction was examined for the first time. If you have a cat, you can try it and share the results with us.


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