It Is Now Possible To Invest In The Stock Market With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence: Investing in the stock market was already something very complicated. For a long time, it was necessary to travel to the “pregões” or hire operators who could be in these places to have access to company papers. But along with technology, this process was being modified and today anyone can invest from their own computer.

Of course: this requires technical and financial knowledge so that the money invested is not lost. And nothing better than having the help of experts to make this process easier.

In the video you can see here in the article, we interviewed Bernardo Aflalo (an expert in Artificial Intelligence at Clear Corretora) to bring more details about this evolution.

Clear Corretora launched the AIA (Artificial Intelligence Assistant) here in Brazil to help investors across the country. Functioning as a “personal trader”, this technological system calculates millions of market events to bring tips with daily reports.

The AIA is also responsible for understanding the profile of each investor so that the tips are directed towards the personal way of making money with stocks. Aflalo also reveals that this is far from being expensive and difficult to access. Today, people who invest from R$20 can already have access to AIA’s resources.

Did you like to know that? So check out the full interview and click here to find out more details about the systems available at Clear Corretora.


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