It has traditional features but a price of 4 thousand dollars!


Vertu attracts attention with its luxury products, and a 4 thousand dollar competitor comes from former employees. The new phone with the signature of Xor will be launched in 2021 with its titanium structure. Some of the most expensive phones we have prepared for you before and some of the phones created by establishing different collaborations attract attention with their luxury.

Luxury phones are always available, and Vertu, positioned as the ultra-premium division of Nakia, which is a pioneer in the point, is currently unable to achieve the success it once achieved. The company, which also includes former design chief Hutchison, who left Vertu, will appear with its luxury phones.

Xor Titanium also offers wireless charging support!

The company’s first phone is the Xor Titanium model, which is inspired by the titanium case. The phone speaks to people who love retro, rather than rivaling classic smartphone manufacturers. The phone offers SMS text messages as well as voice calling over 2G / 3G.

Xor Titanium

The phone also has some modern features. Among them, it comes with active noise canceling feature and wireless charging support. The phone can last for five days on a single charge. It is said that there is a Linux-like software on the phone and it aims to attract users who want security.

This limited-edition phone model would normally be released until the end of 2020, but this date was delayed until 2021 due to the virus. The phone calls out to very few people with these features and a price of 3 thousand 900 dollars.


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