It has been discovered that bats can predict the future


A new study has revealed that bats can predict the future based on the available data. However, bats are naturally able to use these abilities only to catch their prey.

A new study by scientists from Johns Hopkins University revealed that bats predict the future. No, they cannot tell you what numbers will come in the National Lottery draw. But at least they can consistently predict the future of their prey.

According to the study published in the journal PNAS, bats accurately predict the location of their prey, and more importantly, its future location, by taking advantage of the echo of the sounds of their prey. Scientists have also supported this very serious theory with a mathematical model.

“Just as a tennis player needs to know in advance when and where to hit the ball, a bat needs to know in advance when and where to contact the insect it hunts.” “The insect flies,” said the study’s senior author, Psychology and Brain Sciences professor Cynthia F. Moss. The bat flies too. In such a volatile environment, the bat would miss its prey if it only relied on echoes. ” He spoke in the form.

Bats lock their heads to their targets to understand where their prey is on the horizontal plane, and use echoes to understand how far it is. However, as you can imagine, the hitting of an object and then the bat causes a slight delay.

As you can imagine, this delay in the echoes technically causes the bat to pinpoint its prey’s location in the past. According to researchers, bats would surely be unsuccessful predators if they hunted relying solely on information from echoes. But because bats predict the future position of their prey with the information they gather from echoes, we know them as highly successful hunters.

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Proposing a mathematical model to test the theory in question, the researchers designed an environment that simulates the real-life hunting ground of bats. The experiment involved a predator bat and a prey bug, and the aim was to observe how well bats followed their prey.

The findings justified the researchers’ theory that ‘bats predict the future’. The bats focused further on the echo from the prey as predicted, the actual location of the insect. This proved the correctness of the theory that bats predicted the future position of their prey by using direction and position information.


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