It disappeared! Apple Watch Series 7 users report bugs in icons in the watchOS interface


The Apple Watch Series 7 has been announced with a new larger screen with curved edges, which provides even greater enjoyment of the watch on the wrist. However, smartwatch users are now reporting problems in the device interface, which is no longer displaying icons for some applications.



The bug began to be reported today, when the first Apple Watch Series 7 units are being delivered to those who pre-ordered in select regions.

According to reports, third-party app icons are fading from the Apple Watch Series 7 home screen, leaving gaps as you can see in the image below, published by James Thomson, who is PCalc developer and noticed the same problem with his app.

Thomson suspects that the problem was caused by an update released by him with features specifically aimed at the new watch model, but so far Apple hasn’t confirmed anything.

In addition to icons, watchface elements are also experiencing display issues involving blurred area, incorrect scaling, which may have been caused by the app’s distribution by the App Store.

Unfortunately there is still no known solution to the problem and Apple has not yet commented on the bugs. Thus, the best alternative is to avoid using apps of the type and remove items that are displayed incorrectly from the watchface.


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