“It could have been two books” — Prince Harry Admits That He Struck Blows at King Charles and Prince William in Reserve


Last month, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle delivered a double royal blow with their six-part Netflix and Spare documentary series. While the TV show focused more on the atrocities of the media, Spare highlighted some scathing details about the royal family. Despite the Duke’s serious claims against his father King Charles and brother Prince William, reports said Buckingham Palace breathed a sigh of relief.

They are pleased that Prince Harry does not address some of the most controversial scandals in his candid memoirs. The Sussex royal family also echoed the same sentiments in their latest interview. He admitted that he cut a lot of explosive content to keep the doors of reconciliation with his family open. What was the actual length of Prince Harry’s memoirs?

King Charles and Prince William would never forgive Prince Harry

In an interview with the Telegraph, Prince Harry said that he has enough materials about the royal family to write another book. His memoirs were originally conceived as an 800-page book. However, he had to complete the arduous task of cutting things down in order to show some mercy to his father and brother. Notably, it took more than 50 calls to scale and various meetings at Montecito’s house with his ghostwriter for the Duke of Sussex to edit out many vile details about his family.

“The first project was different. There were 800 pages, and now it has been reduced to 400 pages. It could have been two books. There are some things that have happened that I just don’t want the world to know about. Because I don’t think they’ll ever forgive me,” the California royal said.

The huge exposure of the Sussex royal family could be a matter of extreme concern for members of the royal family. Many reports hint that Prince Harry has written another book to meet his family’s financial needs in California. Moreover, there are rumors that Meghan Markle will release a “more piquant” memoir to reflect on her stay at the oldest British institution.

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