It belongs to us: will be introduced in the series


However, DNA has made a comeback and Chloe has finally given birth to a baby girl. Céleste is in great shape but Alex seems to have some problems. In fact, very soon, fans will be following a big plot about Judith and Maxime’s father.

In addition, TF1 has been preparing a spin-off of Tomorrow belongs to us for several months. She wants to use her universe as much as possible and several characters from DNA will be in the spinoff series. Indeed, Clément Rémiens will be headlining with Vanessa Demouy (Rose).

The chain is properly preparing for the arrival of Here it all begins. So, in a few days, a character from the spin-off will make his debut in Sète.


According to the media Allociné, TF1 will introduce Auguste Armand, “a great charismatic chef”. This character will make its debut in Tomorrow belongs to us on September 28. The chef will be accompanied by several young people: Enzo, Salomé, and Anaïs.

The three young people will be students in a cooking school in Armand and they will meet Maxime. So Judith’s brother might take a close interest in their school and want to join it. This crossover will be a good way for Clément Rémiens to join Here it all begins.

Then, Auguste Armand will cross the path of Rose and Antoine. He should offer them a job at his school and that should explain the departure of the two characters. Finally, this will allow Antoine to get closer to his sister who lives in Occitania.

So fans should soon face Maxime’s departure from Tomorrow belongs to us. Nevertheless, the character should still continue to make a few appearances there.


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