Istanbul President Ekrem İmamoğlu sentenced to 2 years and 7 months in prison


The verdict was announced in the case where Istanbul President Ekrem İmamoğlu was tried for allegedly insulting YSK members. İmamoğlu was sentenced to 2 years 7 months and 15 days in prison. In order for the decision to become final, the processes of the appeal court and the Supreme Court must also be completed. What is a political ban? Will Imamoglu be able to continue as mayor? Can he be a politically banned mayor? The answers to your questions are in the article.

The decision was announced in the case where Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu was tried for allegedly insulting the members of the Supreme Election Board (YSK).

Ekrem İmamoğlu was sentenced to 2 years, 7 months and 15 days in prison for insulting YSK members.

Announcing its decision at the hearing, the court ruled that İmamoğlu be sentenced to 2 years, 7 months and 15 days in prison on charges of “openly insulting public officials working as a board due to their duties”, against Sadi Güven, who was the Chairman of the YSK at that time, and 10 YSK members.

The court ruled that Article 53 of the TPC, which includes the subject of “deprivation of the exercise of certain rights”, should be applied to İmamoğlu.


The following statements were included in the court’s decision:

“Since it is understood that the defendant committed this act against public officials (against YSK members) who work in case of acceptance, the sentence given to the accused was increased by 1/2 in accordance with the last article of 125 of the TPC, according to the Articles of 43/2-1 of the TPC, and the accused was finally given 2 years, 7 months and 15 days. to be punished with imprisonment,

There is no room for further increase or reduction in the punishment given to the accused,

The accused is sentenced to use certain rights specified in Article 53/1 of the TPC (by observing the annulment decision of the Constitutional Court) until the execution of the sentence is completed in accordance with the second paragraph of the same article, in terms of the custody and guardianship authority over his/her descendants, pursuant to paragraph 3 of the aforementioned article. to be deprived of his prison sentence until he is released on probation, to collect 812.00 TL from the accused,

The accused and their defense counsel have the right to appeal before the Istanbul Regional Court of Justice, with a written petition to our court or an equivalent court within 7 days after the decision is rendered, or by having the court clerk take a report and have it approved by the judge. to the accused that if no application is made, he will finalize his decision. In the absence of the accused and the victims, the verdict given at the end of the open trial, in accordance with the opinion of the prosecution before the prosecution, was clearly read and explained in the procedural manner.

Ekrem İmamoğlu’s lawyer Kemal Polat attended the decision hearing at the Anatolian 7th Criminal Court of First Instance. Many CHP and IYI Party members were also present at the hearing as spectators.


Reminding that the lawyers of the defendants requested a judge to reject, arguing that the evidence was not fully investigated in the previous hearing, the court judge recorded that the request for the rejection of the judge was rejected by the upper court.

The promised defendant’s lawyer, Kemal Bolat, stated that they did not accept the adjournment of the announcement of the verdict and requested that Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu be heard as a witness. The judge refused Soylu’s request to be heard as a witness.


Ekrem İmamoğlu’s press advisor, Murat Ongun, and his political advisor, Necati Özkan, who were heard as witnesses at the hearing, also argued that İmamoğlu never made any statements about the members of the YSK and YSK.


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