Issa Vegas Knocked Out Yanet Garcia With Very Small Dress


Issa Vegas knocked out Yanet Garcia with very small dress. The fitness girl is winning the battle. Issa Vegas who has positioned herself in a privileged place in the entertainment world, for not having prejudices when it comes to teaching her body on social networks, seems to be getting off the podium to Yanet García, because for many she has already crossed the line and is better than anyone.

Both presume their curves in social networks and have been very close competition because both manage to stop traffic and drive fans crazy who no longer know very well where to look. But with this image the blonde fitness goddess seems to have won.

Belted by a pair of delusional, black, ultra-tight garments that mark everything in her figure, Vegas puts herself very high on the top of the most attractive coaches in social media.

The forceful girl of the exercises is holding her hands in an attitude of victory and the silhouette of her curves confirm this.

Issa Vegas accompanied her winning image by writing: “Behind dreams, there is always an effort that people do not see …”.

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