Issa Ray calls on Hollywood to Help Ezra Miller after Various Arrests and Controversies


Actor Ezra Miller has been in the public eye since a young age, but has recently made countless headlines over the past few months thanks to disturbing behavior in Hawaii and elsewhere, leading to several arrests. This seemed to jeopardize the fate of the DC movie “The Flash,” before the actor eventually apologized and sought treatment for mental health issues. Issa Ray from Insecure calls on Hollywood to help Miller after various controversies and arrests.

While Ezra Miller has been quiet since starting treatment, there was a period of months when the Fantastic Beasts actor was constantly in the news because of his striking behavior. Namely, numerous arrests in Hawaii, which led to headlines, a restraining order and even viral videos. But it seems that “Flash” is still moving towards its release, and Issa Ray recently openly told Elle that, in her opinion, the studio is protecting Miller. According to her:

It starts with the spine. Although I don’t support people jumping to conclusions and I think it’s perfectly fair to conduct investigations, I think it’s extremely important, as the mantra goes: “Listen to women.” What is happening with Ezra Miller is a Hollywood microcosm for me. There is this person who is a repeat offender who behaves terribly, and instead of shutting him down and shutting down production, there is an attempt to save the film and them. This is a vivid example of what Hollywood is willing to do to save itself and protect criminals. So don’t do that, and women can thrive. They won’t have to live in fear of silence because it will ruin their careers. It’s just a constant pattern of insults that will only persist if Hollywood continues to insist on its own.

Well, she certainly wasn’t shy about words. Issa Ray seems to have a serious problem with how Ezra Miller was apparently accepted back into their ranks after their various disputes and legal issues. And she cites this as the reason why Hollywood still has a lot to learn in how it protects victims, compared to people in power.

Issa Ray’s comments to Elle come from a broader conversation about her career and Hollywood in general. By discussing the #MeToo movement and holding people accountable, she ended up raising various controversies around Ezra Miller. And she seems to see his return as a dangerous precedent for the entertainment industry, which is still in the process of protecting victims and changing policy.

The controversy surrounding Ezra Miller began back in 2020, when a video of them strangling a woman spread online. But the situation really escalated a few years later, in March 2022, when the actor of “It’s Good to be Quiet” was arrested in Hawaii for hooliganism and harassment. Their time on the islands was full of new starling incidents, including a charge of second-degree assault. They were also involved in further controversies related to behavior on their farm, their relationship with teenage defender Takota Iron Eyes, and a burglary charge in August.

But while fans have been debating whether this will derail the Flash movie (which was shot before the 2022 release), it looks like Warner Bros. is moving forward with an ambitious project as Ezra Miller has begun treatment for “complex mental health issues.”

The Flash is expected to hit theaters on June 23, 2023, so time will tell how the situation with Ezra Miller will develop. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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