ISS: Overcrowded ISS does not have enough beds for all astronauts


ISS: This Friday (23), the SpaceX Crew-2 mission and its four astronauts arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) with a dilemma: where to sleep? Today the orbital laboratory has seven permanent beds, but there are already seven crew members working up there.

Two of the new inhabitants of the ISS will be able to sleep inside SpaceX’s own capsule, which will be anchored at the station, but the other two will have to improvise. However, “the good thing about sleeping in space is that almost anywhere can be your bedroom,” NASA spokesman Dan Huot told NPR.

What is it like to sleep on the ISS?

In addition, we must remember that, as the ISS is always orbiting the Earth, there is no difference between day and night there, not to mention that the lights remain constantly on. That way, each astronaut will only sleep when he is really tired, which can happen at different times.

It is also not entirely correct to say that there are no beds because, in fact, there is no such furniture. What there are are some padded cabins attached to sleeping bags. As there is no gravity, astronauts have to tie their arms, legs and head to the walls so they don’t fly out of the lab while they sleep.

The good news is that the “fight” for beds will not last long because, next week (28), the four astronauts who arrived last November will return to Earth. Until then, the two members of the SpaceX Crew-2 will be able to take off with the flight controllers to take a nap. As the ISS does not exist above or below, even a corner on the ceiling can do.


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