Israeli Soldiers Trapped With Fake Woman Profiles On Social Media


Israeli Defense Forces announced that Hamas has created false social media accounts to infiltrate Israeli soldiers’ phones. Hamas used fake female profiles to fool Israeli soldiers.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman, members of the Hamas group in Palestine used fake social media accounts with young women to infect Israeli soldiers’ phones with malware. IDF said that some soldiers were installing malicious applications and then Israeli intelligence overturned Hamas’ hacking infrastructure.

IDF said Hamas members created Facebook, Instagram and Telegram accounts and then approached Israeli soldiers. According to Brigadier General Hild Silberman, Hamas troops introduced themselves as new Israeli immigrants because of their inability to speak Hebrew. IDF investigators said they were tracking 6 accounts used for attack. These accounts were announced as Sarah Orlova, Maria Jacobova, Eden Ben Ezra, Noa Danon, Yael Azoulay and Rebecca Aboxis.

Israeli soldiers messaging with fake accounts were directed to one of the chat apps called Catch & See, Grixy and Zatu, with the promise of more photos. Silberman said he gave an error message indicating that the apps would not work on their phones after the apps were installed. The apps then gave the impression that they were removed by deleting the icons on the menu from the phone.

In fact, the app continued to run in the background and took over users’ SMS messages, contacts, and more. Applications can also install other malware on the device, monitor the phone’s location in real time, and even take screenshots from its camera. While the Israeli army calls on soldiers from fake accounts to report, the ranks of soldiers with spyware on their phone are not disclosed.


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