iShow Speed Can Finally Meet Ronaldo After an Invitation From His New Team


The streaming star iShowSpeed reported that he received an invitation from Cristiano Ronaldo’s new team, Al Nassr, as he can finally meet his hero.

As iShowSpeed has taken over the internet over the past few months, he has made one thing very clear: he loves Cristiano Ronaldo and considers the Portuguese icon to be the greatest of all time.

Whenever he had the opportunity to talk to the 37-year-old’s former teammates, he was always keen to find out if Ronaldo knew about him. According to some Manchester United players, this is exactly the case, and AIDS is on his radar.

Since then, the 37-year-old has left the Premier League giants and headed to Saudi Arabia, signing a contract with Al-Nasr. So, Speed took this opportunity to take a shot and see if he could finally meet Ronaldo at some point.

iShowSpeed received an invitation from Ronaldo’s new team Al-Nassr
A YouTube streamer contacted the Saudi Arabian club via Instagram, informing them that he would be attending Ronaldo’s first game, despite the fact that it was a 16-hour flight.

Well, during his stream on January 2, Speed got a response from them, and he got a little mad when he realized that they had thrown him a message shortly after he called them.

“Oh! I subscribe,” the streamer shouted when Al—Nasr said they would be “happy” if he took part in the game. “Oh, let’s go! Ronaldo and I are playing together in Saudi Arabia!”

Time stamp 17:35


Fans were quick to point out that, of course, Speed has not signed a contract with the club and will not become Ronaldo’s new partner, but it is possible that these two could at least connect for a video. If he does attend Ronaldo’s first game, one can hope that he will have a better time than the last few times he tried to see his hero play, given that both times he was on the bench. And you also hope that he will continue his broadcast this time.


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