Isaiah Washington, Katherine Heigl’s was mad!


Grey’s Anatomy alumni are settling their scores! Isaiah Washington throws a big tackle to Katherine Heigl on his social networks …

Like what, even 13 years later, the resentments remain … Thus, Katherin Heigl and Isaiah Washington fell out long ago, when they debuted in Gray’s Anatomy. But the tension persists …

Because for 13 years, Isaiah Washington has had a homophobic label stuck to his forehead. What lent his features to Doctor Preston Burke must indeed have left the series with losses and noise … And also with quite a few enemies.

While in Gray’s Anatomy, Preston Burke gets along well with Georges O’Malley, the two actors do not really befriend each other, on the contrary … But Isaiah Washington ends up going too far.

T. R. Knight, the interpreter of Georges O’Malley, had not yet come out. But Isaiah Washington discovered it, allegedly swayed it … and even made homophobic comments.

And if he defends himself from any “despicable and so horrible talk, not only about a colleague but about anyone,” the actor must leave Grey’s Anatomy. An ending he still can’t digest, reading his Twitter.


More than 13 years later, the actor returns to this episode. And especially on the reaction of Katherine Heigl. Shocked, and in full support of T. R. Knight, the actress of 27 dresses had then made a remarkable exit …

She had asked that the former actor of Gray’s Anatomy no longer have a place in public. An exit that marked Isaiah Washington. Whoever now supports Donald Trump is keen to talk about it again.

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“This woman once said that I should ‘never’ be allowed to speak in public,” he wrote with a photo of Katherine Heigl. The whole world agreed with her and protested that I lost my job. ”

“I wish I had Twitter in 2007 because I will NEVER stop using my free speech,” concludes the former Greys Anatomy. A story not digested, therefore … And a hatred that may endure!


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