Isabelle Horn on her depression: “It can happen to anyone”


At that time, Isabelle Horn (38) fell into a deep crisis. When the actress was told day after day that her role as Pia Koch in Daily GZSZ was over, she had to announce her departure from the production part as voluntary. The actress was very worried about both the loss of her job and a fresh breakup. She became ill with a diagnosis of depression. Now Isabel has come out with bold words.

The former actress of the GZSZ has a book “Is it left?” published in which she writes about her illness. Now she told Bild that she would like to touch on the topic of depression more openly, since only a few would dare: “I want to inspire people and show my story that there is a way out of any valley. It can affect anyone.” but it can also help anyone.”

It is said that Isabel’s relationship with her husband Jens, in particular, was shaken by her depression: “Our relationship was put to the test, but I never doubted her, never thought that she would break up or that he would leave me.” Even the smallest household chores were difficult for the presenter: “Getting up, washing, going to the toilet or cooking breakfast for the children were gigantic tasks for me, which I often could not cope with,” she honestly admitted.


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