Is YouTube Music worth it? Learn all about streaming music


YouTube Music is Google’s music streaming service that will replace Google Play Music. Absorbing the varied collection of YouTube, the platform differentiates itself from the competition by offering remixes, alternative versions, live presentations, clips and videos extracted from the video site.

The tool offers free and subscription plans, download for offline listening and has official apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, in addition to running directly in the browser on Windows, macOS and Linux PCs. Check out the features of Google’s music streaming service below and see if YouTube Music is worth subscribing to.

How YouTube Music works

YouTube Music is Google’s music streaming service, linked to YouTube, which offers a catalog made up of albums, separate songs, clips, covers and even live performances. The platform can be accessed for free, but there are also subscription plans that eliminate advertisements and offer some other advantages.

Like other services of its kind, YouTube Music has algorithms that promise to adjust the recommendations of new songs and artists according to the user’s preferences, allowing them to find something new and explore the service’s catalog.

The platform supports the creation and sharing of playlists and allows the user to upload songs so they can listen to them wherever they want. It is also possible to access the tool on several devices, since YouTube Music has an official app for Android and iOS phones, in addition to having a version for browsers, which allows you to enjoy the service on your computer.

Prices and plans

The platform offers a basic plan completely free. In this modality, it is possible to use the service normally, but with some restrictions: the first is that advertisements will be played in between songs. Another restriction is that it is not possible to leave the app running in the background. In addition, the free option does not allow you to download music to listen offline.

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The subscription removes all of these restrictions. With it, there are no ads, it is possible to leave YouTube Music playing in the background and even download songs to listen to when you are not connected. At the moment, the subscription to YouTube Music costs R $ 16.90 per month with the first month free.

Another option is to subscribe to YouTube Premium, a package that applies not only to YouTube Music, but also to conventional YouTube. Currently, the plan has a free month in Brazil and costs R $ 20.90 per month.


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