Is XBC3 the latest Xenoblade game?


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 should be the culmination of a series that began with Xenoblade Chronicles, but is this really the last game in the series? Xenoblade Chronicles has become one of Nintendo’s largest role-playing franchises, especially on the Nintendo Switch, where two new Xenoblade Chronicles games were released, a remaster of the first game and several representatives of Xenoblade Chronicles in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. . The Nintendo Switch is missing only Xenoblade Chronicles X, which is one of the few remaining Wii U exclusives, and many assume it will get a port over time.

The events of the Xenoblade Chronicles games are connected, but it’s easy to enjoy them separately without feeling that the main plot elements have been missed. The story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes place in Aionios and is connected with the conflict between the peoples of Keves and Angus. The inhabitants of Aionios live only ten years, and the endless conflict means that they spend most of this time in battles. The six playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 belong to both sides of the conflict, and they unite to find out the truth about the war in Aionios, while becoming exiles and outcasts.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be the finale of the story that began in Xenoblade Chronicles. This raises questions about the future of the series, as it could mean that Monolith Soft is closing the door on Xenoblade Chronicles and moving on to something else. Xenoblade Chronicles has been a hit for Nintendo, and it has the potential to release new games for years to come, so does the company want it to end so soon?

The Xenoblade Chronicles series will continue after XBC3

Xenoblade Chronicles fans from all over the world have nothing to worry about, as there will be more articles in this series. The developers of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 gave an interview to Nintendo UK ahead of the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on July 29, and the question of the future of the series was raised. Genki Yokota, co-director of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, is adamant that the series will continue, even if the current story is coming to an end.

Finally, I would like to ask Yokota-san a question. You mentioned that this title is the culmination of the series, but am I right in assuming that the Xenoblade Chronicles series will still continue?

Yokota: Yes, it will still go on! I want this to last as long as possible!

Similar to the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, Xenoblade Chronicles can move on to more standalone stories that have references to previous entries. The series also uses a number of outlandish concepts combining fantasy and science fiction, so the franchise Xenoblade Chronicles has many development directions in future installments. There was a time when there was doubt that the original Xenoblade Chronicles would be released in North America, but it has evolved into a huge JRPG franchise and we hope it will thrive for years to come. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ends the current story, but the franchise will continue in the future.


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