Is WhatsApp Web the same as WhatsApp Desktop?


Analyzing WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop. Is it the same or what is the biggest difference between them?

During the quarantine, many felt the need to spend more time connected to the internet, either by working from home or having to study online, whatever the case, WhatsApp Web was essential for this.

And as he has been saying in Somagnews, WhatsApp Web is a tool that allows you to share files, photos or texts with your contacts, without having to switch to your cell phone, an action that greatly facilitates activities when having to work from a computer .

But WhatsApp Web is not the only option to be able to carry out these activities, there is also the version of WhatsApp Desktop, so we will compare each of them.

Differences between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop

With WhatsApp Web it can be used just by entering from the browser, scanning the QR code and in this way your account will be automatically linked with the app on your cell phone.

WhatsApp Desktop is an application and must be downloaded and installed from the official WhatsApp website, available for Windows and MacOS. If the device is not yours, it will be much easier to decide on the web version.

Knowing what the difference is between the two, now is the time to describe the differences, the first thing that will be noticed is that some icons such as “new chat” look a little different.

In both you will find on the left the latest chats and the search section, you can open a new chat and access the configuration options; Although it does not allow you to make as many adjustments as on your cell phone if you can change the wallpaper, control notifications and privacy.

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But in the case of WhatsApp Desktop, it offers you more tools, since you can choose Desktop Settings and configure WhatsApp to open automatically when you turn on your computer.

Another difference between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop is that in the case of the former, it must be authorized if notifications are shown, although in both versions each new message is shown in a rectangle.

In what they are the same, is that WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop allow you to share photos, videos, files, texts and more. They are just as efficient, the most significant difference would be that one takes up space on your computer while the other is just a page that you enter and exit at the time you want by closing the browser tab.


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