Is WhatsApp dangerous? The expert explains


An expert recommends deleting WhatsApp! We tell you what is the reason for his comment and the problems of the most famous chat app.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications in the world, its security problems have been one of the main details that “stain” the reputation of the famous messaging app.

The lack of security for users is one of the points that WhatsApp has always been criticized for, but this time Pavel Durov, the president of Telegram, its main competition, delved into these aspects and pointed out that “unless you agree with For all his photos and messages to be made public one day, you must delete WhatsApp from your phone. ”

Telegram has always focused on providing security to users and was the first to incorporate features such as end-to-end encrypted conversations, self-destructing messages, and even anonymity on public channels. Some of these were later incorporated by his adversary, although not in the same way.

Could WhatsApp steal your information?

Durov remarked that WhatsApp “will never be safe.” The statements came after cybersecurity experts found a serious flaw in the Facebook-owned app that allows hackers to access messages from users who had received an MP4 file.

In his statement, the CEO of Telegram regretted that there are still “back doors” for the computer vulnerability in WhatsApp. And he stressed that many times, the app ends up being a trojan horse for hackers and viruses.

Furthermore, Durov questioned that once the bug was announced, Facebook confused its customers by stating that they had found no indication that hackers had stolen data.

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“Of course, they don’t have such evidence; to get it, they need to be able to analyze videos shared by WhatsApp users, and WhatsApp does not permanently store video files on its servers (instead, it sends messages and unencrypted media from the vast majority of its users directly to the servers of Google and Apple), “he criticized.

The Telegram founder ended his statement with a strong recommendation: “Regardless of the underlying intentions of WhatsApp’s parent company (Facebook), the advice to its users is the same: unless you agree that all their photos and messages are made public one day, you must remove WhatsApp from your phone. ”

Durov took the opportunity to do some advertising and emphasized once again that his service had not suffered serious problems for 6 years, when the application was launched on the market.


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