Is Vee from BTS dating Jenny from BLACK PINK? Leaked photos of K-pop idols shocked fans


Is V from BTS dating Jenny from BLACKPINK? This has become a burning issue for all Kpop fans after alleged photos of the stars appeared on the Internet a couple of days ago. It was said that V, aka Taehyung, was flying to the US to be with Jenny, who was there to promote Blackpink’s latest album “Born Pink”. Although the photos are not authentic, the Twitter user stated that the photos are real and that he has more photos of them together. Now more photos have leaked onto the Internet, which also show other BLACKPINK members Lisa, Rose and Jisu.

In one of the new photos, Jenny can be seen talking on FaceTime, apparently with Vee from BTS. In another photo, the Blackpink star is depicted with a figure whose face is hidden, but it is assumed that it is Vi. Jisu, Lisa, Jenny and Rose from a trip to New York.

While Vee and Jenny’s photos have become a byword, they have also caused a storm of indignation about the idols’ personal lives. BTS ARMY and BLINKS are unhappy that someone is hacking personal photos of stars and sharing them on the Internet. Many even criticized a user who claims to have shared photos to prove that Taehyung and Jenny are dating.

One Twitter user said: “I don’t care if my Jenny and your V are dating. BUT… I’m angry, why are their privacy being invaded?!!! Jenny is being harassed, her address has been leaked, her photo and icloud have also been hacked.” Another commented: “I’m sorry to say this, but the ATP is flashing and the armies should get together and study this problem instead of dragging Vee and Jenny, this is not normal, respect their privacy, they are people too.”


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