Is Uber Flash Safe? See How To Use The Delivery Service


Uber Flash was launched in 2020 in Brazil, but the service gained more prominence after the company’s announcement to suspend food deliveries in the country from March 7th. With this, bikers and partner drivers can continue to earn income from delivery from the platform.

The change in services is part of a reorganization of the company’s strategy regarding the intermediation of deliveries in the country, which also covers the delivery of supermarket purchases and products from retail stores. Learn about the main rules for using Uber’s newest solution in Brazil.

What is Uber Flash?

Uber Flash allows users to send objects such as packages, gifts, documents and other personal items via the platform’s cars and motorcycles. The service is part of Uber’s strategy to offer solutions that respond to the impacts brought by the pandemic, in addition to increasing the company’s presence in the supermarket shopping sector and specialized stores.

How does Uber Flash work?

The Uber Flash service works somewhat similarly to the other solutions offered by the company, both for customers and for motorcyclists and partner drivers. However, when opening the company application, the user must select the “Delivery” option and choose whether to send or receive an object.

In addition to providing the name and phone number of both the sender and recipient, pick-up and delivery points must be sent, as well as the details of the item to be transported.