Is this possible? How to close WhatsApp online?


WhatsApp, which was the focal point of criticism for the new privacy agreement last month, was boycotted all over the world. The application, which received serious reactions from millions of people from famous names to politicians, lost millions of users. After this decision of WhatsApp, many social messaging applications such as Telegram, BIP and Signal gained millions of users. However, for the world’s most used messaging application, “How to close WhatsApp online, how to turn off last seen?” questions such as keep coming.

How to close WhatsApp online?

One of the most researched topics regarding WhatsApp is undoubtedly how to turn off online. As it is known, many solution videos have been made for this question for years and the same contents have been produced. However, no WhatsApp user who applied these methods could achieve the desired result. Although he followed all the steps shown in the videos and content, the information that users were online as soon as they entered the WhatsApp application was sent to the other party.

However, let us state that none of these methods are a solution. Contrary to the methods demonstrated for years, it is not possible to turn off online status information in WhatsApp. There are various ‘APK’ files and ‘Root’ methods on the internet, but we cannot say that these methods lead to the solution. So, the only thing you can do is not turn off your online status completely, but text by appearing offline.

How to send WhatsApp offline messages?

It’s actually quite simple to appear offline, which is the only way you can send messages without going online. All you have to do is to send a message to the other party. Of course your status will be online as you are in the WhatsApp app. Then close the app completely and your status will change to offline after a short while.

The main thing starts here after your status is offline. After you receive a message from the other side, you will see a notification on your home screen. At the bottom of this notification, there will be “reply” and “mark as read” options. You can write your message to the other party by clicking ‘reply’ from here. In this way, no online status information will be sent to the other party. The important point here is not to log into the WhatsApp application. If you log in to the application, you will immediately appear online.

How to turn off WhatsApp last seen?

This method, which is quite simple, is a feature that shows you when you were last online in WhatsApp. By turning this feature off, you can hide from people when you were last online on WhatsApp. You can hide your last seen completely by clicking Settings> Account> Privacy> Last seen> Nobody to turn off the feature.

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