Is the voice setting up the return of Kelly Clarkson, returning for two seasons a year?


The Voice has definitely mixed things up for its fans ahead of the fall premiere of season 22. Firstly, it was our first spring without an NBC singing competition since the show debuted in 2011, when “The Voice” switched from two seasons in a calendar year to a one-time performance. The coaching board is also undergoing quite a big change: eight-time coach Kelly Clarkson is leaving along with Ariana Grande.

As Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello prepare to fill those seats, along with Blake Shelton and John Legend in the Big Red Chairs, “The Voice” is apparently making some interesting moves that make us wonder if the show could return for two seasons a year, and if we might, Kelly Clarkson will reclaim her spot. in the group.

Will The Voice return for season 23 next spring?

In early June, The Voice announced an open casting on Instagram, asking interested musicians aged 13 and older to register for one of four casting dates in June. Since filming for the “Blind Auditions” of the 22nd season takes place on June 23 and 24 (as evidenced by the activity of the show’s host Chuck Dukas on social networks), it seems that this casting was for the 23rd season of The Voice. The requirements for participants state that participants must be ready to travel “within a few weeks at any time in October 2022 and May 2023,” when pre-recorded episodes and live performances, respectively, are traditionally filmed for the spring seasons, according to Heavy.

And just in case fans think it might have something to do with season 22, chief casting Director Michelle McNulty confirmed back in April that the casting process for the fall season has already been completed. So everything that is happening at the moment, unless some major catastrophe has occurred, will almost certainly happen next season.

Obviously, there has been no official word from NBC about the future of “The Voice” after season 22-or even whether the American Song Contest will return to this timeslot for a second season, for that matter—but it definitely looks like the wheels are in motion for the reverse. to previous seasons of the Voice. If this happens, is there a chance that the fans’ favorite coach will also return to the Big Red Chairs?

Can Kelly Clarkson return in season 23 of “The Voice”?

If the “Since U Been Gone” singer really just needed to spend the summer with Remington and River Rose after her long and painful divorce from Brandon Blackstock, it’s possible that the American Idol winner may be interested in returning to the Voice. After all, her win in season 21 with “A Girl Named Tom” earned Clarkson her fourth win in eight seasons, making her the show’s most successful coach with a 50% win rate. Fans also liked her funny rivalry with fellow country star Blake Shelton, and their real friendship may attract the singer to return.

We also know that she used to be able to fit the filming of the show into her busy schedule. Even this spring, when there was no new season of “The Voice,” Kelly Clarkson teamed up with Snoop Dogg to host an American Song Contest at the same time. However, speaking of timeslots, the Kelly Clarkson show is reportedly undergoing a complete overhaul as it prepares to take up the coveted daytime hour vacated by the Ellen DeGeneres Show, so there’s a chance the Texas native will still focus on her performance. show by the time the next spring hits.

Even if Kelly Clarkson doesn’t return for season 23-no matter when it premieres—there’s always a chance she’ll return to The Voice later. The coach of the 22nd season, Gwen Stefani, is proof of this, since none of her six seasons in the coaching group was repeated.

Since the season 22 premiere hasn’t started yet, obviously there’s plenty of time to answer all these questions, but fans hoping they won’t have to endure another spring without Blake Shelton’s sarcasm may just be lucky. In the meantime, be sure to check out our TV schedule for 2022 to find out which new and returning shows will be released soon.