Is the US secretly collecting Bitcoin?


It is suspected that the US has accumulated a significant portion of the Bitcoins captured due to its lack of transparency.

Cryptocurrency analyst and ‘influencer’ Tyler Swope stated that the US government doubts it is accumulating Bitcoins it seized from darkweb criminals.

On the subject, Swope cited a story in Fortune magazine about the death of Alexandre Cazes, the man behind AlphaBay, seen as the world’s largest dark web market:

“Generally, although the relevant government agencies sell the Bitcoins seized from such companies through auctions, there is not any doubtful news about the issue. Transparency on this issue has disappeared and nobody really knows exactly how far the amount of BTC seized by the state has reached.

Fortune magazine put this on paper with an article titled “Uncle Sam’s Secret Bitcoin Vault”:

“Transparency is not permanent. Between the captured BTC and its recording on the report, there is a long time frame that should not be. Related files cannot be viewed online. Because it is not recorded there. When a new report arrives, the other disappears. Paper copies are available. However, regardless of whether it is on paper or online, you cannot access the numbers of these files under federal registration. You should have detailed access to these files normally held by federal powers. Already cryptocurrency transactions are registered in a public blockchain ledger. Although the Ministry of Justice sometimes makes “secure government wallets” open to the public, this is not done after most cases, so it is not known where the Bitcoins are going. ”

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Swope stated that US security forces have recently quietly stockpiled $ 1 billion worth of BTC seized from the famous marketplace Silk Road:

Where is 70 thousand BTC? Mysterious ‘individual X’ …

“The Ministry of Justice seized $ 1 billion of Bitcoin, which is stated to be affiliated with Silk Road, just last week. What happened to the BTCs seized? They caught a hacker who moved the stolen 70,000 Bitcoins 7 years later. The identity information of this person has not been disclosed. He remained a mysterious individual. As far as we can see from the information in the file, they nicknamed ‘Individual X’ and only government officials know who he is. It is clear that the state has become a huge BTC whale. In 2014 and 2015, they even stupidly auctioned half the amount of BTC they sold… This is now the Bitcoin black hole of the government that has grown since 2018! ”

The last auction where the government sold Bitcoin was held on February 3, 2020, where 4,041 BTC was sold.


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