Is the TV Stick okay? All about Xiaomi dongle


The Mi TV Stick, from Xiaomi, is a dongle that turns the TV into smart and promises to hit head on with Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Launched last Wednesday (29), the device promises to offer most of the features found in the Xiaomi Mi Box, but in a compact format. In this way, the media center arrives with a remote control, Android TV operating system and support for voice commands via Google Assistant. The model is now available to buy in the official store of the Chinese giant in Brazil for R $ 499. Check out more details about the device below and find out if it’s worth it for you.

  • Datasheet
  • Released: July 2020
  • Official price: R $ 499
  • Maximum resolution: Full HD
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Internal storage: 8 GB
  • Operating system: Android TV
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Google Assistant: yes
  • Design

The look of the Mi TV Stick is very similar to that of rivals like the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It is a small bar of 9 cm and less than 30 grams with an HDMI connector on the end to connect to the TV, resembling a kind of pen drive. It also has a USB output to connect to the power, either directly on the TV or the outlet using an adapter that comes in the box. Its style also resembles Chromecast, especially the first generation model.

The main advantage of this proposal is portability, since the user can easily carry the device in the backpack or pocket when traveling, for example, using the dongle even as a personal computer to make presentations, watch movies, among other functions. In addition, by bringing a remote control, access to streaming content is easier, eliminating the need to have a cell phone nearby.

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Image and audio

Although it shares several features with the Mi Box, the Mi TV Stick has Full HD as its maximum resolution, displaying images at 60 frames per second. Although it may be a sufficient definition for many users, it is below what 4K TVs can offer, already quite common in the market. Thus, the device cannot play movies and series at the maximum resolution supported by some streaming services.

On the other hand, Xiaomi promises a good audio experience through multi-channel technologies DTS and Dolby, as long as the displayed content is compatible. According to the manufacturer, the device can reproduce high quality sounds present in a Blu-Ray quality film, for example.

System, applications and resources

Mi Box TV comes with the Android TV 9.0 system, one of the most current made available by Google. The software guarantees the same functions present in smart TVs with Android, including support for the main streaming applications, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Go and Globoplay. In addition, you can install media players, such as VLC, in addition to several other apps and games available on the Google Play Store.

The user can also send content directly from the phone with the built-in Chromecast feature. Thus, it is possible to mirror the smartphone and display apps that do not have their own version for Android TV, such as Google Photos and Google Slides, on the big screen.


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