is the song stolen? Ed Sheeran must answer in court


Was Ed Sheeran (31) looking for too much inspiration elsewhere? The Brit is one of the most successful musicians of all time — with his songs, such as “Thinking Out Loud” or “Shape Of You”, the redhead touched a million audience. Allegedly, not all of these songs came from his pen: they say that the singer copied his hit “Thinking Out Loud”. That’s why Ed has to go to court now!

They say that Ed’s hit is very similar to Marvin Gaye’s song “Let’s Get It On” — the company that has shares in the songs of the late musician filed a lawsuit several years ago. Ed is said to have tried to prevent the trial, but now he has to stand trial, according to several media outlets such as The Guardian. “Although the two musical compositions are not identical, the jury may conclude that there is a significant overlap between the chord sequence and the harmonic rhythm of the two songs,” the judge said.

So it remains only to guess how the singing talent will develop – when the process will take place, it is still unclear: the date has not yet been set. But surely Ed will have to answer in court in New York.


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