Is The Simpsons Scene Showing Trump’s Death Real?


US President Donald Trump, caught in the coronavirus, came back to the agenda with the posts on The Simpsons on Twitter. Did the Simpsons, legendary for their claims that they committed before global events, really predicted Trump’s death?

US President Donald Trump announced that he and his wife Melenia Trump were caught in coronavirus and went into quarantine 33 days before the elections he will run again. The fact that Trump is in the risk group due to his age inevitably increases the rumors that he will die. However, this does not only trigger rumors, but conspiracy theories.

Twitter users with the label #Simpson entering on the agenda in Turkey, he made a scene in The Simpsons series of viral allegedly showing the killing of Trump. In this scene, it is seen that Trump is writing 2020 in and on the back of a coffin.

There is no such scene in The Simpsons series:

Because this drawing, which is shared every time the possibility of the loss of Trump’s life is on the agenda, is not actually included in any part of The Simpsons. This image, which is claimed to be a scene from the series, is actually just a fake image created by an anonymous graphic artist with the Simpsons lines.

Snopes, the overseas version of Teyit.Org, published in our country, had previously researched and shared the details of this image. According to Snopes, this image, which went viral again in February 2017 due to allegations of Trump’s death, first appeared on the forum. It then went viral when it was used by the Spanish YouTube channel Babadun. So when Trump’s life situations all over the world and in Turkey konuşulsa continued to be shared on social media.

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The baseless Simpsons allegations, which became viral again with Trump’s coronavirus, prove once again how easily misinformation can spread on social media. Because the account owners who make this sharing probably believe and share the information they have received from elsewhere without following the Simpsons series. Other social media users who have not watched the series also think that this extremely mysterious event is real.


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