Is the series “Last Seen Alive” available on Netflix? Where can I watch a thriller?


Netflix is proud to be the platform with the largest amount of diverse content. OTT Mughal constantly produces and releases unique content in every genre. But thriller seems to be the OTT giant’s favorite genre. Fans are wondering if the thrilling “Last Seen Alive” is available on Netflix or not.

What is the movie “Last Seen alive” about?

Released on June 3, the film received acclaim thanks to the stellar cast and the brilliant creators behind it. The film is directed by Brian Goodman, who is very applauded for his work in “What Doesn’t Kill You”. Mark Friedman, known for producing “Commander in Chief” and “Shrek in the Musical”, worked as a screenwriter in this film. Smooth directing and a brilliant script — that’s what made the film stand out among the many thrillers that we watched in 2022.

The cast of Last Seen Alive consists of Gerard James Butler in the title role. He is known for such gems as “Tomorrow will Never Die”, “The Power of Fire” and “The Phantom of the Opera”, which earned him a nomination for the Sputnik Award. Jamie Alexander (“Thor: Love and Thunder”), Russell Hornsby (“In Treatment”) and Ethan Embry (“Can’t Wait”) play important roles in the film.

“Last Seen Alive” follows Will Spann, played by James Butler, as he drives his soon-to-be-separated wife to her parents’ house. They stop at a gas station, and from there things only go downhill. His wife disappears, and he becomes the main suspect in the case.

The fact that they were quarreling and were on the verge of divorce also did not play in his favor. Not wanting to participate in the police investigation, Will goes in search of his wife. It’s important to note that Gerard James, who plays Will Spann, who doesn’t believe in the law in the film, is a legal expert in real life. In general, “Last Seen alive” is “Disappeared” without a psychopath.

Last seen live on Netflix?

Not only the audience, but also OTT Mughal themselves are the guardians of thrillers. Therefore, it makes sense to shoot one of the best thrillers of 2022. “Last Seen Alive” is available on Netflix.

This action movie has just been added to Netflix’s already outstanding thriller catalog. In addition, now it is also one of the most viewed materials on the platform.


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