Is the Google DNS server down? Users report problems


Google’s DNS server is down and facing problems on Monday afternoon (03). According to user reports, the tool is not working and, as a result, several web pages do not load.

The flaw started around 3pm and affected several sites ending in .com, making some people think it was a general problem on the Internet. In some cases, the computer displays an error message, such as “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” or “Perhaps the DNS server is unavailable”. It is worth remembering that the technology is responsible for converting domain names to IP addresses, allowing the browser to load Internet resources.

DNS is a tool that works in the background every time a person tries to access a website for the first time. Thus, the computer or cell phone contacts the DNS server to find out which IP address corresponds to the requested address. When a DNS server does not respond or is unavailable, it prevents the user from opening certain websites, which is happening on Monday.

Usually, people use the DNS made available by their Internet provider. However, it is possible to change this default setting through the device settings. This change is usually made with the objective of reducing the response time and loading of a website, consequently, accelerating navigation. There are several free DNS alternatives, such as Cloudflare, OpenDNS and Quad9, in addition to Google’s own tool.

Many users even thought that the flaw was a general problem on the Internet. In Google Trends, which tracks web searches, there was a growth in searches related to DNS errors in the last hour. Terms like “sites down,” “Internet down,” “DNS Google down,” and “DNS Google issues” have seen an increase in recent searches. In addition, some platforms, such as Mercado Livre, Amazon and Locaweb, even appeared as if they were down in Downdetector, a tool that monitors the functioning of websites.

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