“Is that even a question?” – Selena Gomez once told about her great love for Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt


Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt are considered the two most beautiful men of all time. Many people would have a hard time choosing one if they were standing together. Well, this was the case when these two appeared together on stage at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards ceremony. So those who witnessed such perfection on stage could damage their eyes by constantly looking at their screen. To be honest, celebrities, especially women, have also found it difficult to choose between the two of them. American singer Selena Gomez faced a similar problem.

When they took to the stage to present the nomination for best film at the 2016 Golden Globes, Brad and Ryan made a real splash. The most interesting thing is that Selena publicly acknowledged her love for them.

Selena Gomez once admitted that she was crazy about Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling

Selena immediately accepted the fact that she was swooning over these two beauties at the event when People magazine asked about the best part of the Golden Globes evening. She said this when she shone in a luxurious white dress by stylist J. Mendel.

She said it was amazing and hot to look at two men together, so beautiful and adored by her. “For example, I’m trying to find Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt right now,” she said. Selena Gomez was lucky when she played a cameo role in the launch film of Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt’s “Big on the Downside.” The film was released in 2015.

One of the reporters asked her if she was in love with Ryan Gosling. To which the beautiful singer replied in a very obvious but unexpected way: “Is this a question at all?”

However, the famous singer publicly admitted her love for him. It was when, two days before the event, she posted on Twitter a photo of the actor of a Gray Man with the caption: “You haven’t seen the Big Short yet…. Just saying.”

Well, we don’t blame Selena, because both Ryan and Brad are considered the most beautiful people of all time. Tell us in the comments who you like more.


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