Is Surface Duo 2 Good? See Microsoft Foldable Reviews


Surface Duo 2: This Thursday (21), Microsoft launched its new folding cell phone, Surface Duo 2, on the market. With specific improvements in its design, especially compared to its predecessor, the model was developed for users who seek greater comfort while performing tasks or who prioritize the productivity offered by the device. However, certain problems prevented his arrival from being well received by everyone.

In this context, both Windows Central and XDA Developers have not spared praise for the changes in Sufarce Duo 2, highlighting improvements that include everything from its new pair of screens with curved edges and 90 Hz refresh rate, to its powerful Snapdragon 888 processor. Another highlight is the addition of the camera system on the back of the model, which guarantees significantly better photos than those recorded by its predecessor.

However, some experts were not satisfied with the lack of software adaptation in Surface Duo 2, despite its technical improvements. For The Verge, CNET and Engadget, the model doesn’t have a good interaction between its high-performance internal components and its operating system, replete with casual flaws that make its user experience “hard to adopt in everyday life” — in Dan’s words Seifert for The Verge.

Unique Functioning — and Troublesome?

During his evaluation, specialist Marques Brownlee even questioned whether the basic idea for Surface Duo 2 would not be compromised in its essence, as Microsoft improved several problematic factors of its first iteration and, even so, did not reach the desired level Of Quality.

On the other hand, PCMag praised the Surface Duo 2‘s unique nature, stating that it “is the best at what it does, but what it does doesn’t always seem cool.” Further on, the site pointed out that the model is able to deliver a multitasking experience similar to that found on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but does not compete with its competitors in the same price range, in several other aspects.

In short, as Engaget claims, the Surface Duo 2 disappoints as a cell phone and becomes a niche product, “with limited appeal” due to its $1,500 suggested price — about R$ 8,500. There is no expected arrival in Brazil yet.


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