Is Suga from BTS getting married? Here ‘s how he reacted to the marriage proposal


Suge from BTS made an interesting marriage proposal during his last V Live with his bandmates. The idol, without hesitation, gave an answer to the request that the ARMY gave him during the live broadcast. That’s how Min Yoongi reacted to such a comment.

The boys from BTS do not stop receiving offers, so much so that ARMY did not hesitate to offer to marry the translators of “Permission to Dance”, during his performance Shuga received marriage proposals, and the boy band members did not stop joking. .

After the GRAMMY Awards, the guys from BTS held a fun live show and thus expressed their feelings to the fans about what they think about the latest defeat of the boy band, but not everything was tears and sadness, there were no jokes. missing from the nominees.

ARMY makes an offer to BTS during his last performance

As we told you at Rex Nation, Bangtan members are constantly performing live to connect with their army of fans, and there is no V Live where they don’t have the same offer, as always, the famous “Marry Me” appears. in these broadcasts.

The members of this famous K-Pop group do not respond to these cybernetic requests for help, but they never go unnoticed by them, so much so that they are responsible for jokes about this topic, and this case was no exception.

So both Vee and Jungkook kept saying something that rapper Suga was in great demand to get married, so much so that Jin joked that in his solo life he also constantly fulfilled requests for a translator “Daechwita”, and this time the idol did not agree. ignore it.


No doubt, before the rapper tried to defend himself in front of the participants for the marriage proposals he had been receiving all this time, to which Jimin joked that he should choose someone who would get to the altar.

Las Vegas is a city well known for the number of marriages performed, whether it’s impromptu weddings of couples or a quick and effective solution to bring a new era to the newlyweds, and Suga knows this information well. .

Suga answered the suggestions whether they know that in Las Vegas they can get married through Drive-Thrue and not only that, he also said that regardless of the age and gender of the couple, the marriage can be concluded, if you change your mind the next day, it can be canceled as soon as possible.

If you wanted to know how some things work in Las Vegas, Sugi had an answer for you, as the idol was delighted with this topic and explained how you can get married there, do you think you can reach the altar on the arm of the idol? We really don’t know.

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