Is Squid Game plagiarism? This is how the director of the series responds


The ‘Squid Game’ series is being a success, did Hwang Dong-hyuk steal the idea for a movie? Squid Game is a Netflix original series that has kept the public expectant about its story, but part of it found similarity of the series with a Japanese movie, is it really plagiarism?

With much mystery, suspense, and terror, ‘Squid Game’ is triumphing on Netflix, being one of the most-watched series on the platform worldwide, its interesting plot and incredible development have allowed the production to be a success in record time.

Nobody can stop talking about this drama in which we see a group of people compete in a macabre game that tests the participants with childish dynamics but if they lose, they pay with their lives.

‘The Squid Game’ has taken all the attention of Netflix users but many realized that it has a great similarity with a Japanese film and accused this production of plagiarism , could it be that the creator stole the idea of cinema from Japan ?


Some of the people who enjoyed ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix , realized that the series was somewhat similar to the Japanese movie ‘As The God’s Will’ in which a possessed daruma comes to a class of students and puts them to play dynamics for children, to deactivate it, they must touch their back button, but if they lose, the toy will explode and take the life of a student.

The audience noted that the first game in ‘Squid Game’ was very similar because while in the Japanese film everyone must stay still when the Daruma turns over, in the series it is a doll before which the participants must freeze; and accused of plagiarism to the original Netflix series , but Hwang Dong-hyuk , director of the same, came out to say that it is not that.

“It is true that the first game is similar, but after that, there are no similarities (…) I worked on Squid Game in 2008 and 2009, and at that time, the first game was already arranged as ‘Red Light Green Light’ ”.


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The similarities between ‘Squid Game’ and ‘As The God’s Will’ :

Do you think the director of ‘The Squid Game’ plagiarized ? Perhaps there are ideas that occur to the same people at a similar time but some see the light before the other, it can happen, but we can all enjoy both productions .


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