Is solo pumping finally getting an anime adaptation?


Isekai power fantasies are probably the fastest growing anime genre in the last decade thanks to the success of Sword Art Online. Currently, the most popular series in this genre is not Japanese manga, but Korean manhwa. Fans of Solo-Leveling from Chugong can expect something more, as new information has recently been released hinting that the series may receive an anime adaptation.

In the world of Solo Leveling, the main character does not go to the fantasy world, but fantasy comes to his world. Magical beasts and dungeons are starting to appear all over South Korea, and people are starting to awaken various abilities to counter them. These people are called hunters, and despite the fact that Song Jin is the weakest hunter, a certain event occurs that gives him the ability to do what no other person in this story can do, increasing his basic characteristics, abilities and skills. In fact, Son Jin gets the opportunity to level up and begins to go on adventures on his own, so the name “Solo Pumping” makes sense.

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The popularity of Solo Leveling has increased dramatically, despite the lack of an anime adaptation, and even earned itself a place in the top ten most popular manga/manga series on the Myanimelist. Despite this, years have passed without any concrete evidence that an anime adaptation is in development. Other webtoons have also not had much success in adapting, and those that have received them have not always proven themselves well, so what has become known that what was a distant dream for many fans has now become a reality?

GMO Internet, a company based in Japan, recently registered a website domain called . After a little searching, it was also discovered that GMO internet is the same company that actually registered the domain for the Sword Art Online website. The domain name of the website is pretty much a giveaway, leaving very few interpretations, and since it is the same company as Sword Art Online. It would be reasonable to conclude that A-1 Pictures, the Sword Art Online animation studio, will animate Solo Alignment.

There have been no official statements about this news, so this is still guesswork, but this information is very eloquent. After all, why else would a company open a domain for TV series and put anime in a domain name? However, fans should still keep their fingers crossed since nothing has been added to the domain yet.

However, not everyone will surely be happy with this news. Some fans might think that since Solo Leveling is written by a Korean author, the studio for its production and animation should also be Korean. Some Japanese fans may also not be fans of the portrayal of the country in the series, which may affect how the story will be animated if it is animated by a Japanese studio. Fans will have to wait until new information is available.