Is Samsung all-in-one worth it? see prices


Samsung renewed its All-in-one computers in Brazil. The E1, E3 and E5 models are available to buy for as little as R $ 3,209, bringing, among other novelties, 8th generation chips from Intel, replacing the seventh processors present in previous versions. In addition, the screen of the computers is bigger: it went from 21.5 inches to 23.5 “in Full HD resolution, also bringing occasional design changes.

All-in-one PCs can be interesting for those who have limited space to install a traditional desktop, but still prefer to have a desktop computer instead of a notebook. Check below for more details on the three Samsung products on sale in Brazil in 2020 and find out which one might be best for you.

1. All-in-one E1 – R $ 3,209

The All-in-one E1 is the entry-level model in Brazil. With a 23.8-inch display and Full HD resolution, as well as the other options, the product promises to work well above all for productivity activities. In addition, the device should also work well to watch movies and series via streaming with Netflix, YouTube and Globoplay, for example.

The computer is equipped with an Intel Celeron 4250U processor, a dual core chip with a frequency of 1.8 GHz, which may be sufficient for simpler jobs, but may disappoint at times. The specs also include 4 GB RAM memory expandable to 16 GB, 500 GB of traditional HD storage and integrated Intel HD Graphics 610 graphics card.

The equipment has an official price of R $ 3,209 and is on sale with Windows 10 Home system already installed. The peripherals, in turn, have wires, unlike the two other variants of the line, while the interfaces include two HDMI inputs, three USB (one 2.0), auxiliary output for headphones and RJ-45 port for cable connections. The computer also comes with an integrated webcam, something important for those working in the home office.

2. E3 All-in-one – R $ 4,319

For those who need a little more performance, the All-in-one E3 offers superior hardware than the previous model. It is a computer with a Core i3 8145U processor from Intel, but still with 4 GB of RAM and the possibility of expansion up to 16 GB. The graphics card is also ahead of the simpler version, with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 620.

The storage of the All in One E3 also increases, reaching 1 TB, still in traditional HD. With this, the user has more space for files and applications, but still should not have a fluid system as the SSDs deliver. The computer is another one of the line to bring Windows 10 Home pre-installed. In addition, the computer’s inputs include RJ-45 port for connections via Ethernet cable, two HDMIs and three USBs, one of which is 2.0, like the E1.

Here, peripherals are wireless, that is, they allow greater mobility for the user and can also be used in other devices. Despite the limited amount of RAM, E3 also promises to work well on a daily basis, but now with greater storage space. Its official value, according to Samsung, is R $ 4,319.

3. All-in-one E5 – R $ 5,759

The All-in-one E5 is the most advanced model in the line. Like the others, it brings a renewed design compared to the previous generation, with a 23.5 inch screen and changes in the base of the display. The main difference in relation to the versions E3 and E5 is in the processor, Core i5 8265U from Intel, in addition to the 8 GB of RAM that surpass the 4 GB offered in the simplest options. The interfaces, in turn, repeat the configuration of the other variants, two HDMI ports, one RJ-45, three USBs (one of them 2.0) and auxiliary output to connect headphones or speakers.

With these characteristics, the computer must deliver a good performance for the intermediate audience, being sufficient to use on a daily basis without many crashes. With Windows 10 Home and suggested price of R $ 5,759, the computer is available to buy in white color and promises easy connection to other monitors via Wi-Fi, as well as allowing you to mirror a cell phone screen.


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