Is Rihanna still in love with her ex Chris Brown?


It’s very likely! Indeed, during a podcast with Oprah, Rihanna confessed that she would still have feelings for her ex Chris Brown.

In fact, she also confessed that she now considered him a close friend. “We trust each other … and we will always love each other! »Confided the pretty singer to Oprah.

She explains that these are feelings that neither she nor her ex can control. “We will never change that” she specifies.

According to the media TMZ, Rihanna would have even said to have butterflies in the belly when she sees it. Simply because she is still in love with him.

In fact, the two exes spent time together in St-Tropez after seeing each other at a mutual friend’s party.


Butterflies in her stomach say a lot about how Rihanna might still feel for her ex. But let’s still remember what happened several years ago.

It was February 8, 2009. Rihanna and Chris Brown were driving home from the Grammy Awards party. An evening that will turn into a nightmare for the young artist.

Indeed, Chris Brown becomes very violent! This one hits his girlfriend several times before leaving her on the side of the road, her face bleeding!

The young man was then sentenced to 5 years in prison. But now, more than ten years after this incident, the young woman has forgiven him?

Rihanna said she realized Chris Brown had changed a lot. Moreover, the young woman does not seem against the fact of getting back into a relationship with him.

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But she says they are just really close friends at the moment. To be continued!


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